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Boy meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl cover CD Only Edition

Boy Meets Girl DVD cover CD+DVD Edition

Original Title
Released December 21, 2005
Format CD album, CD+DVD
Recorded 2005
Genre Pop, ballad
Length 35:46
Label avex trax
Produced by
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Dream - Natsuiro CD cover
Boy Meets Girl cover
Boy meets Girl
Dream - 7th Anniversary Best CD Only cover
7th Anniversary Best

Boy meets Girl is the second mini-album released by dream. It was released in December 21, 2005 in two editions, CD+DVD and CD Only. The CD only version includes a bonus track, and it's first press included one random of three stickers.

The full music video of "Transit -independence-" and related contents were later released on their DVD Boy meets Girl -a little more-.



  1. Come Go With Me -sign-
  2. Holy Love -beginning-
  3. Colors -suspicion-
  4. Lost Soul -crack-
  5. Sore wa Eien ja Nai -collapse- (それは永遠じゃない; It's Not Eternal)
  6. Transit -independence-
  1. Transit -independence- (PV)

CD OnlyEdit

  1. Come Go With Me -sign-
  2. Holy Love -beginning-
  3. Colors -suspicion-
  4. Lost Soul -crack-
  5. Sore wa Eien ja Nai -collapse-
  6. Transit -independence-
  7. Kokoro Kara... -growth- (心から・・・; Sincerely...)

Featured MembersEdit


Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly singles chart 66

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