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"Happy Talk" is the indies debut DVD single released by Happiness. The song was used as CM theme song for Mister Donut.

The DVD reached #132 on Oricon DVD charts, and charted for 2 weeks.


  • Happy Talk (Music Video)

Featured MembersEdit

Happiness - Happy Talk promo

Happiness promoting the single


Happy Talk
Found on this DVD and on the Limited CD+DVD edition of Happy Time album as video #1. This is the standard version according to the PV. It includes vocals of Fujii Karen.
Happy Talk ~2011 version~
Found on "Kiss Me" single as track #2 and on Happy Time album as track #14. This is a 2011 recorded version with the standard instrumental and lyrics with new vocals sung by Sugieda Mayu.
Happy Talk <2014 ver.>
Found on "JUICY LOVE" single as track #3. This is a 2014 recorded new version with the standard lyrics and sung by Fujii Karen and Kawamoto Ruri.
Happy Talk <2014 ver.> (Instrumental)
Found on "JUICY LOVE" single as track #6. This is a 2014 recorded new version except without the main vocals.


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