ID is the third album released by dream. It was also their second released album since becoming an 8-member group, and the first one, and only, since that point to feature original songs (first one was a cover album). It was released in March 10, 2004 in two editions, CD+DVD and CD Only. First press of the CD Only edition comes housed in a sleeve case with a labeled CD featuring one random of three designs.

The album reached #21 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for three weeks.

dream performed a musical featuring the album songs, also titled ID, however not all the songs performed on the play were included on the album.


  • Limited CD+DVD (AVCD-17442/B, ¥3,909)
  • Regular CD Only (AVCD-17443, ¥3,146)




  1. Identity -intro-
  2. Fake or Truth
  3. Wo Ai Ni (我愛イ尓)
  4. Aisaretai (愛されたい)
  5. Embrace Me (S-dream featuring KANA)
  7. Innocent
  8. Honto no Watashi (ほんとの私)
  9. Hideaway
  10. Tenshi no Haoto Kikoetara (天使の羽音 聴こえたら)
  11. Identity -prologue-
  12. Everlasting Snow
  13. I love dream world ~Sekaijuu no Shiawase wo Utaou~ (I love dream world ~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~; I love dream world ~Let's Sing the Happiness of the Earth~)


  1. Identity -prologue- (PV)
  2. I love dream world ~Sekaijuu no Shiawase wo Utaou~ (PV)
  3. Member Interviews (メンバーインタビュー)

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  • The opening track is a harmonica-heavy instrumental version of "Identity -prologue-" composed by BOUNCEBACK and arranged by TATOO.

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