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"Private wars" is the third single and second VHS released by dream. The single was released in May 3, 2000. The first press of the single included a trading card.

The title track was used as campaign song for "2000nen Haru no dream campaign" and as an ending theme to the TV show Sukiyaki!! London Boots Daisakusen. The "SEA BREEZE 2000 Mix" version was used as theme song for dream's Bristol-Myers Squibb SEA BREEZE CM.

The VHS included a second music video featuring Super GT championship image girl group PASSION2000. It was released in June 7, 2000.


  • CD Only (AVCD-30101, ¥1,080)
  • VHS (AVVD-90078, ¥1,080)



  1. Private wars (Original mix)
  2. Start me up (Original mix)
  3. Private wars (Dub's Hyper Club Remix)
  4. Private wars (EURO MIX)
  5. Start me up (landscape mix)
  6. Private wars (SEA BREEZE 2000 Mix)
  7. Private wars (Instrumental)
  8. Start me up (Instrumental)


  1. Private wars (Promotion Video Clip)
  2. Private wars -EURO MIX- starring PASSION2000

Featured MembersEdit

Song InformationEdit

Ebine Yuko
Other Information
Arrangement: Kikuchi Keisuke

Music Video InformationEdit

Takeishi Wataru, Nakamichi Tetsuji


Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly singles chart 13


The song can be found on the following releases:

The music video can be found on the following releases:

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