"Shirayukihime" (白雪姫; Snow White) is the sixth single released by Flower. It was released in December 25, 2013 in three editions: Limited CD+DVD, a Regular CD Only edition and a Limited Pressing CD Only edition. The Limited CD+DVD edition comes with a photobook in a digipak package, Regular CD Only edition comes with the instrumentals of "Hatsukoi acoustic version" and "COLOR ME UP!" and Limited Pressing CD Only Edition include only the title track.

The title track was used as theme song for the drama Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru. "COLOR ME UP!" was used as theme song for OPA's "Oh! Bargain" CM.

The title track was released in December 4, three weeks prior to its physical release, as the group's third digital single.

"Shirayukihime" is certified Gold by RIAJ for selling above 100,000 copies digitally.


  • Limited CD+DVD (AICL-2613~4, ¥1,954)
  • Regular CD Only (AICL-2615, ¥1,234)
  • Limited Pressing (AICL-2616, ¥514)


Digital SingleEdit

  1. Shirayukihime

Limited EditionEdit

  1. Shirayukihime
  2. Hatsukoi acoustic version (初恋; First Love)
  4. Shirayukihime (Instrumental)
  1. Shirayukihime MUSIC VIDEO
  2. Hatsukoi MUSIC VIDEO

Regular EditionEdit

  1. Shirayukihime
  2. Hatsukoi acoustic version
  4. Shirayukihime (Instrumental)
  5. Hatsukoi acoustic version (Instrumental)
  6. COLOR ME UP! (Instrumental)

Limited Pressing EditionEdit

  1. Shirayukihime

Featured MembersEdit

Flower - Shirayukihime promo

Flower promoting the single

Song InformationEdit

Washio Reina, Muto Chiharu, Ichiki Kyoka
Odake Masato
Hiroki Sagawa
Other Information
Arrangement: soundbreakers, Kawaguchi Daisuke (vocal arrangements)

Music Video InformationEdit

Shigeaki Kubo

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
- 2 4 7 10 9 12 3 36,243
2019 18 23 27 19 25 25 3,178
1943 41 38 38 43 39 40 1,554
29x x x x x x 52 1,075
x x x x x x x 68 1,017
x x x x x x x 118 546
x x x x x x x 142 346
x x x x x x x 176 259

Total Reported Sales: 44,218


  • The music video for "Shirayukihime" was the most watched video from the group on YouTube until 2016 with the release of "Yasashisa de Afureru You ni".
  • The single is the first release of the group as 8, after the graduation of Mizuno Erina.
  • An Orchestra version of the song was released in 2015 on the group's eighth single "Akikaze no Answer". A 2015 version of the orchestra version was included on their second album Hanadokei. This version although does not have Muto Chiharu vocals, as she left the group before the album's release. A 2016 version of the original song was included on the best album THIS IS Flower THIS IS BEST, with this one only including the vocals of Washio Reina.

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