"Soyokaze no Shirabe / STORY" is the 19th single released by dream, and it is their third single as a 7-member group and last before changing their name to DRM. It was released in three editions: CD+DVD, CD only and a limited CD+Booklet edition. First pressings of its CD only edition included one of three stickers. The limited edition came in a special package and included a mini booklet.


  • CD+DVD (AVCD-30667/B, ¥1,944)
  • Limited CD Only (AVCD-30668, ¥1,620)
  • Regular CD Only (AVCD-30669, ¥1,080)



  1. Soyokaze no Shirabe (そよ風の調べ; Melody of the Gentle Breeze)
  2. STORY
  3. Soyokaze no Shirabe (Instrumental)
  4. STORY (Instrumental)

Limited Edition / CD OnlyEdit

  1. Soyokaze no Shirabe
  2. STORY
  3. Soyokaze no Shirabe (Instrumental)
  4. STORY (Instrumental)

Digital EditionEdit

  1. Soyokaze no Shirabe
  2. STORY

Featured MembersEdit

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
x x x x x x x 26 6,194
x x x x x x x 82 1,620
x x x x x x x 145 690

Total Reported Sales: 8,504*

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