SudannaYuzuYully (スダンナユズユリー) is a Japanese dance-pop and hip-hop trio that debuted in 2017 under the label rhythm zone and managed by LDH. The unit is the second unit of the groups E-girls and Happiness. It is composed by Happiness' members Suda Anna, YURINO and E-girls' member Takebe Yuzuna. The unit's name is an acronym of the girls' nicknames Sudanna (スダンナ), Yuzu (ユズ) and Yully (ユリー).




In November 9, 2016, a new unit formed by Suda Anna, YURINO and Takebe Yuzuna was announced on the first concert of Happiness' first tour Happiness LIVE TOUR 2016 GIRLZ N' EFFECT, with the members starting an Instagram account on the same day.[1] In the unit, Takebe is a vocalist and Sudanna and YURINO rappers. This is the first time both members will be vocally featured in any E-girls related group.


In November 26, 2016, the unit announced to be debuting with the single "OH BOY" in March 1, 2017 under the label rhythm zone.[2]

The unit released their second single "CALL ME NOW" on August 9.



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